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How to Choose the Best White-Label App for Your Fitness Business?

How to Choose the Best White-Label App for Your Fitness Business?

Wearables and smartphones opened new possibilities for fitness instructors and their clients. Today you can track your progress through mobile applications, and most people switched to online personal training instead of going to the gym. 

Instead of social media, personal trainers are now switching to white label apps, which brings endless possibilities for business growth. Fitness apps can help you attract more clients, establish closer collaboration with the existing ones, and build a strong brand out of your name. 

Still, it might be hard to select the best white label app for your fitness business, and there are several things to be considered. 

Which White-Label App is Right For You?

There are many white-label apps on the market, and each one is different. Some of them have limited features and can allow your users only to schedule training sessions or to watch demo videos that the app includes. The others focus only on one aspect of training; you might not be able to show your full potential by using them. 

You need a white-label app for personal trainers that includes features that support your users, saves you time, and allows you to monetize your fitness business better. That is why Lean On Digital created a custom branded app that includes videos on demand, nutrition plans, explainer videos, progress photos, live stream workouts. This fitness app also includes reports and statistics that will help you get a clear insight into how your app is performing so you can adjust your marketing campaign according to those data. 

The white-label fitness app that Lean On offers puts you in control, so you can manage content the way it suits you and your clients best. Thanks to this, you will be able to meet the expectations of every user and keep them engaged and motivated. When your clients are satisfied, and they see that the personal training you provide brings results, they will continue using your services for a long time. 

A strong focus on content in a fitness app is also important because you can earn extra income by charging features that are not part of a basic plan. For example, you can create a free version that will be available to everyone who downloads your app. On the other side, only the members who pay the monthly subscription will be able to see the premium content, custom-tailored workout sessions, meal and nutrition plans, and others. 

How to Encourage Clients to Pay For Premium Features?

Creating premium packages for members is great, but you will have to find a way to motivate your clients to pay for it. The first thing is to make sure that you provide only high-quality content and to follow the leading trends in the fitness industry. This will show people that you are a reputable personal trainer who offers a broad range of useful information about how to improve health and get their bodies in better shape. Don’t forget to offer a part of that content for free, so the users can see what they can expect of premium packages. This should act like some kind of teaser that will motivate them to pay a subscription instantly, so make sure that the promo version shows your full potential.

The best way to attract and retain clients is to provide them a unique experience, and that is much easier with a Lean On Digital custom branded fitness app. You will be able to provide personal training sessions for every user, as well as diet and nutrition plans and professional advice that will help them achieve their goals. 

Live streaming is another way to motivate clients to become your premium members. You can use them to stream the most popular training sessions, as well as to establish better communication with your audience, hear them out, and answer their questions and concerns. After you explain to them what they can expect from you, they will trust you more, and there are higher chances they will pay for premium features. 

Another thing that can make it or break it, whether someone will pay a subscription or not, is the possibility to access your content in different ways. Because of that, the Lean On Digital fitness app allows the users to cast the videos on TV. This means that your clients will be able to work out from the comfort of their home and watch the training sessions you provided on a big screen, isn’t that great?!


As you can see, there are many factors that can determine whether that fitness app will suit you or not. Since personal trainers have to focus on the needs of their clients first, you will need a white-label app that will help you better organize your business, monetize your services and at the same time give the users what they need.

The only way to do that is to choose the Lean On Digital white label app that includes all necessary features. It can be customized and include your logo to represent your brand in the best possible way, which will make you look more professional. Besides that, if you decide to digitize your fitness business by using our app for personal trainers, you can expect it to be available within less than a week.

You can test it for free within one month, and if you realize that it suits you, you can apply for one of the three packages we offer. From basic to standard and premium, we created something for everyone, so no matter if you have few or many clients, our white label app will support your business completely. Feel free to get in touch with us and learn more about this high-end fitness software we developed, and we will provide all the necessary information. Take your personal training business to a higher level by switching to our custom branded fitness app. We promise that your business will thrive faster than you expect!

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