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Modular Paint Station

Endlessly Customizable


Pieces are designed to interconnect for endless combinations. Your imagination is the limit.


Build a workstation on any budget and expand at your own pace.


Manufactured from sustainable materials, our products are cost-effective as well as eco-friendly.

Easy Assembly

Assemble in just minutes. We do recommend wood glue to increase sturdiness and longevity!

From our customers


These racks and drawers are amazing and have helped completely organize my work space, giving me a sense of calm and peace about it for once.

James V.

It was exactly what I needed and fits perfectly on my desk with very limited space. Everything is organized and it looks great.

Daniel K.

Popped out easy and went together quickly. Didn't need glue but I threw some on anyways. Once I relocate my paint desk, I will definitely purchase another.


Oh These are Awesome! I made an Apothecary Display for my antique desk! I used alcohol inks to stain them to look old!

Kim G.

My paint collection was getting out of control. With these amazing paint racks, I now have all of my paints at my stained fingertips. The racks are easy and quick to assemble. I love these racks.

Michael C

1. Start with straight sections.

Modular Paint Rack - 35mm Straight
Modular Paint Rack - 35mm Half
Modular Paint Rack - 26mm Straight
Modular Paint Rack - 26mm Half

2. Expand with corner sections.

Modular Paint Rack - 26mm 90 Degree Angle
Modular Paint Rack - 35mm 45 Degree Angle
Modular Paint Rack - 35mm 90 Degree Angle
Modular Paint Rack - 26mm 45 Degree Angle

3. Add drawers underneath?

Modular Paint Rack - Drawer Double
Modular Paint Rack - Drawer Single
Modular Paint Rack - Half Drawer
Modular Paint Rack - Riser 90 Degree Angle
Modular Paint Rack - Riser 45 Degree Angle

4. Expand your storage.

Modular Paint Rack - Half Shelf
Modular Marker Rack