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Looks great unfortunately I had the original and not revised version so it’s too big.

Fun Project

Quick build and fun way to roll dice.

The lid lift

Happy with everything except the lid lift cant close the box.

Hi David, we're sorry this is a negative point for you. We do our best to explain it in the product description. Since many people store the tiles outside of the box and use something like an accordion folder for fast access, we decided to make better use of that space rather than have it so you always have a gap of space in the box. This means if you decide to keep the tiles in the box, you will have some lid lift. We do our best to make a design that will be loved by the masses, but many people have different priorities which make it hard to design the perfect solution for everyone. Thank you again for the feedback and for your business!

Great product. Have gotten two

Great product. Have gotten two of these to fit the Hobby lobby cases. Easy to put together and great fit.

Good design but a puzzle to put away

Great design overall. Fits into the box just so, and holds everything nice and neat. Makes playing the gme easty to set up and the fear box is just *chefs Kiss*

It would be nice if the invader holders had an angled bottom like some of the other token holders because the small container and flat bottom make them hard to pull out when getting low, especially for people with large hands.

I am going to have to figure out a way toeasily tell what part goes where when putting the set away. It is tough to tell where everything goes.

Awesome organizer

Fast shipping (even to Canada). A little expensive but it's definitely well made and it's an awesome organizer. Easy to assemble.

Works great!

All the bits and pieces fit great in the box!

Absolutely Great

I needed to have an organizer that would make set up and clean up easy and this was it.

So Good

Fantastic organization! So much better than the snack bags I was previously using to keep everything organized.

High Quality I’ve Come to Expect

Solid design as always. Nailed it.

Big Damn Crate
I love this crate it

I love this crate it makes it so much easier to set up and play this game. The quality of the kit was great everything fit together with no issues.

Perfect for keeping game boxes secure on the shelf

I live these bands for keeping my medium sized boxes securely closed when I stand them on the shelf. They are perfect and hold up really well. I’ve had some of them for years.

Perfect for keeping game boxes closed

I love these little bands because they keep my smaller boxes closed securely on the shelf. I stand all my games up on end, and they fall open without the bands. These ones are perfect for boxes in the 6-8” wide range. They stretch just right. (I take cards and dice out of their packages and store them in uniform plastic boxes, so do t need the bands for tiny boxes.)

Perfect for keeping large game boxes secure

I love these bands for storing my big game boxes. I store them standing on a shelf, and they fall open without the bands, but with the bands, they are perfectly secure. I use these for my biggest boxes.

Excellent. Highly recommend

Makes setting up the scenarios and keeping track of all the cards so much easier. Money well spent.

Easy to put together. The

Easy to put together. The way to get them to fit in the boxes that vary in size is awesome. Easy to follow instructions. Great product!

Awesome product

Great finished product and enjoyed the construction experience!

Legit awesome

Everything fits together perfectly, easy instruction. Used wood stain, just for fun. Looks awesome.

Pieces fit together very well,

Pieces fit together very well, and the laser cuts / etching give it a wonderful finish.

Knocks it out of the park

Fantastic organizer. My OCD requires every piece has a home and every piece has a home in another great organizer by Broken Token.

My only small issue is the lid lift, but not much you can do about that and still have such wonderful organization.

Another great product

Chalk up another great product from The Broken Token!

Works Great

Bought this to store the behavior cards for Monster Hunter World the Board Game. It fits them all of them sleeved very well. I had to buy the extra dividers to keep them all sorted.

A place for everything

Even fits the expansion. I love it when you can get expansions and other content into the original box and save space.