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Start your online fitness business the right way and get your own custom branded fitness web app that looks and feels like a real mobile app.

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What does the Progressive Web App stand for?

A progressive web app (PWA) is a mobile-optimized website that looks and feels like a mobile app but can be accessed on any device.

Get your branded web app

Branded as yours

Your custom progressive web app has your logo, your app icon, your images & your color palette.

Ready in few minutes

Once you complete the sign-up process you will get a QR code and a link to your branded web app.

Feels like real mobile app

Your branded web app can be accessed on any device and works and feels like a real mobile app.

Who is custom branded web app best for?

If you’re a personal trainer, coach or a fitness instructor who…

  • Wants to use custom web app until you decide what features work best for you and you’re ready to get a native mobile app

  • Wants to get a personalized, easy to use web app solution that gives you everything you need to get started

  • Wants to explore all the possibilities for taking your fitness business & brand online

  • Wants to get a solution developed by fitness professionals that have faced the same business challenges as you

  • Wants to expand your client base and train more clients from all over the world

Progressive web app vs Branded Android & iOS app

Progressive web app

Progressive web app (PWA) is a mobile-optimized website that has less functionalities than branded Android & iOS apps.


Ready in less than five minutes


Limited functionalities


Progressive web app


QR code and link to web app

Get your branded web app

Branded Android & iOS app

Branded Android & iOS apps are white-label mobile apps available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Ready in less than one week


Enhanced functionalities


Native Android & iOS mobile app


App on App Store & Play Store

Get your branded Android & iOS app

Get your custom branded web app in 3 easy steps

Follow these 3 easy steps and get your web app ready in minutes.

Sign up for web app

Enter your brand name, select your industry and sign up for web app.

Design your web app

Choose your theme & highlight colors, upload your logo and your images.

Get your web app

Get a QR code and a link for your custom branded web app.

Get your branded web app

What your clients get from your branded web app?

Workout plans

Weekly and monthly workout plans, single workouts and exercises by target area.

Meal plans

Custom meal plans and single recipes for healthy weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Workout mode

Your workouts, well-structured and delivered through an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate in a swipe.

Videos on demand

Instant access to all your videos anytime for a personalized workout experience.

Blogs and posts

Your unique expertise on health & wellness, supplements, mindset and motivation.

Progressive web app FAQs

Who is the progressive web app best for?

It is best for personal trainers, coaches and fitness instructors who want to use custom web app until you decide what features work best for you and you’re ready to scale.

Can I see a platform demo?

You can book a demo here . Our team will guide you through the platform, listen to your needs to show you the app features relevant for your business and how you can use them for best results.

Can I see some examples of apps?

Absolutely. Check out the iOS and Android apps we’ve made here , or book a demo. We’d be more than happy to show you all the great stuff you can do with your app.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees to launch your app. Check out our pricing to choose the perfect plan, or schedule a demo and our team will help you decide what is best for your business.

How do I manage my app?

Through the CMS (Content Management System) you can manage everything from building your content to assigning tailor-made plans to tracking payments and sales trends.

Do my clients have to pay to use my app?

With the Rookie plan your web app is accessible on a URL distribution link you provide to your clients. If they want to purchase a plan they can do it on your landing page, and afterwards they will be directed to your web app.

What image and video formats can I upload?

Your web app supports all the most used formats:

– Image file formats: ‘jpeg’, ‘png’, ‘jpg’, ‘svg+xml’

– Video file formats: ‘mpeg4’, ‘mpeg’, ‘mp4’, ‘m4v’, ‘quicktime’

How long does it take to create my app?

It depends on the pricing plan you choose. With the Rookie plan you get a branded web app ready in just a few clicks once you sign up. With Pro plan it usually takes 5-7 business days for our team to develop your own branded iOS and Android app. With All-Stars plan you get your custom iOS and Android app in 5-7 days. with this plan your app is on your own App Store and Google Play developer accounts, so, if you don’t have accounts opened before signing up, it might take additional 7 days to open them.

100+ fitness professionals transformed their businesses with Lean On


Reaching more clients

Not only did Lean On Digital help me develop a beautiful app, they helped me scale my business - from making the interface super easy to use to handling all the nitty-gritty things that go into building an app, so I can just focus on delivering effective content for anyone anywhere.

Lauren Holverson

Online Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


Increasing income on autopilot

Lean On Digital helps me save time and focus on my content without having to worry about the headaches and troubles of tech. It’s a great solution for any athlete or fitness person trying to make their own platform to promote their brand, reach more people and inspire others.

Mo Ali

Soccer Influencer & Former Pro Player


Standing out in the crowd

I love that I got to work with Lean On Digital to create my fitness app. It gave me the ability to be somewhere where I completely own my content and it was another way to show my authority in the space as a personal trainer.

Brittany Noelle

Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


Getting all done in one place

Lean On Digital allowed me to create the app just the way I wanted. It only takes about 7-10 business days, and if you’re not a techy person, they will do so many things for you - help you create content, and help you with anything that you may need.

Ariane Andrew

Fitness Instructor & WWE Superstar Alumni

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